Before Dave Hockey met Shawna Bigelow, he thought the only love he could find was in the cold, perfect embrace of a lifelike sex doll. He had tried dating websites and found that women just weren't into his passion. But Bigelow was different. When Hockey took her down to his basement to show her the dolls, she was hooked.

Okay, yes, it is a little creepy that the dolls were in the basement, but hear me out, the rest of the story is actually pretty touching! Not only was Bigelow accepting of her new boyfriend's kinks, but she actually chose to take part in them, first by putting on the dolls' wigs and then by inviting Hockey to bring the dolls into the bedroom, where the couple now has regular threesomes with one of Hockey's four life-size dolls.

Here's what they say about their arrangement:

She [Bigelow] said: 'It is kind of like a threesome without anyone getting hurt.

'You've got to realise that she is only a doll. that's really not real, because who has the perfect body?

Dave added: 'Having a threesome with a doll is safer, there is no emotional entanglement.'

And while Bigelow says she sometimes feels jealous of the dolls (who are perfect in every way), this jealousy quickly fades. Especially now that Bigelow has Terry, a male doll she can call her own. Terry even has three custom-made penises that Bigelow can change according to her mood.


The couple are speaking out about their sexual practices and their non-traditional relationship to show the world that it's not just lonely old guys who use sex dolls. Sometimes they get girlfriends who are into the toys, too!

Whatever works, right? I wore a guinea pig onesie to bed last night, so I have no room to speak. (It was not sexy, according to my partner; it was terrifying.)