That's A Total Burn, Burn Notice

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The Burn Notice crew has responded to SNL's "What Is Burn Notice?" sketch with this way-harsh-Tai tweet. Still, the whole thing reeks of NBC cross-promotion (both shows run on NBC/Universal networks). And effective cross-promotion at that, apparently, eh? [Twitter]

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Jane, you ignorant slut.

I didn't hear nearly so many complaints about cross-promotion when 30 Rock did "Tracy does Conan" or various other NBC plugs.

As for Burn Notice, I know what the basic premise is, since my husband watches the show, and I'm still like, "Um, there's a spy? And he has friends or something, which is how he's still a spy even though he's not anymore because someone told the CIA he was bad? But he doesn't know what he did? Even four seasons in? And still doesn't have a clue as to who told on him, or.... something? So he, like, solves crimes or something because he can't leave? Who's stopping him from leaving? I dunno."