That Time Joan Cusack Told Gabourey Sidibe She Should Quit Showbiz

Last night on Watch What Happens, Gabourey Sidibe was asked which celebrity she found the most disappointing upon meeting them. You'd think she'd name a notorious asshole or a known diva, but surprisingly, she shared an anecdote about Joan Cusack. The two had met at an industry party before Sidibe's star-turning role in Precious, so she wasn't yet famous at the time. Cusack asked her if she was an actress and when she said yes Cusack said, "Oh, honey, you should really quit the business. It's so image-conscious." Sidibe maintains that Cusack "meant it in a good way," but it still made host Andy Cohen's jaw drop.


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I first read that as John Cusack and thought "Why is he talking that way? What the hell does he know about being a woman?"