That Time A Woman Dropped $20,000 Bones On An Evening With Bates From Downton Abbey

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A 52-year-old Long Island woman named Sandra Doshner is the self-proclaimed "world's biggest Downton fan, complete with a "Future Mrs. Bates" t-shirt (referring, of course, to the noble, mysterious valet John Bates, played by Brendan Coyle). The retired medical technologist won Coyle's hand by placing a £12,000 bid for a date with the actor, who auctioned himself off on behalf of New York's Origin Theater Company.


She read poetry to him in a horse-drawn carriage! They had dinner at Per Se! Here's a series of adorable pictures of them! Doshner is now the envy of Everyone's Mom, for whom the series holds the comfortable No. 2 spot between kittens and Vera Bradley handbags on the Favorite Things List (A text from my mother after starting Season 1 reads, "i just saw thomas & the duke kiss it is more scandalous than upstairs downstairs and also has hateful people i love it"). [Express]

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You've won my undying love with the Billy Collins reference, Anna.