It's been a bad few days for Angelina Jolie. First there was the news that the birth mother of her newly-adopted son, Pax, is a drug addict and may come after her for money. Then there's today's US Weekly cover, which seems to be heralding a not-so-subtle shift in the media's years-long love affair with the actress, humanitarian, & homewrecker. Now we're hearing that Angelina's beloved United Nations may have bigger fish to fry, at least with regards to its obsession with Hollywood starlets. According to WWD, U.N. official Antonio Maria Costa is urging the media "to be more critical in reporting on the 'shooting snorting and sniffing habits' of certain pop stars and models":

"Less focus on coke-snorting celebrities would help governments shift public attitudes and help develop greater social awareness of the dangers of drugs." He told a session of the Commission on Narcotic Drugs — the U.N.'s central policy-making body on drug control — that he welcomed the fact that U.N. member states had abandoned the "woefully wrong notion that the drug problem would be solved by disciplining a few thugs in drug-producing countries while ignoring the responsibility of the rich, consuming countries." Costa said it was tragic that in many nations it had taken either a crime wave or an HIV/AIDS epidemic to trigger stronger drug prevention.


Hear that, Angie? It's time to either schedule a photo-op in the coca fields of Bolivia or get that old heroin addiction back up and running!

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