Image via Apple

Apple finally released the long-awaited update to iOS this week, and it’s filled with so many exciting new features that you may have a hard time making sense of everything new you can do with your compatible iPhones and iPads. After spending a day exploring all the new bells and whistles, I think I’ve found my favorite: iMessage stickers!

This fun new feature allow users to download sticker packs (some free, some paid) from the App Store, and drag them into iMessages as a way of adding some charming decor to the otherwise BORRRRing white and blue screen we’ve all grown accustomed to over the past few years.

And if used correctly, they can help you alienate and make enemies of all the iPhone-using people in your life! Sound like something you’d be interested in doing? Just follow these 10 easy steps!

1. Download iOS 10.

Head to our sister site Gizmodo to find out how!


2. Open an iMessage window, and tap the brand spankin’ new App button.

3. Navigate to the Stickers store and download the Today Show stickers. (They’re free!)


5. When in the App menu, tap the button on the bottom-right (where you can access all your cool new emoji and sticker apps) and find the Today stickers!

6. Scroll down until you find Hoda and Kathie Lee drinking wine.


7. Cover all your friend’s messages with the sticker of Hoda and Kathie Lee drinking wine.

8. Keep doing this.


9. With everyone.

10. Forever.


And now you’ve lost all your friends! Or, at least all your iPhone-using friends who’ve updated to the latest and greatest version of Apple’s iOS!

You’re welcome!