A studio that specializes in the making and distribution of man-man sex movies has announced that, thanks to computer magic, the upcoming epic love story California Dreamin' 1 will be the first ever digitally bareback-ified pornographic film. In other words, the actors will shoot using condoms, but the condoms will be digitally removed during post-production.

According to BetaBeat, which wins todays subheadline game with its succinct, perfect "There's a lot to take in here," the studio will remove the condoms using Photoshop because, well, they can. And consumers prefer condom-free porn. Win-win.


While gay porn is using technology to bring consumers both safety and the illusion of raw dogging, straight porn is in a condom conundrum of its own. Straight porn, unlike gay porn, doesn't observe an industry standard of requiring condoms for safety (performers can request them, but they rarely do). Rather, adult entertainers who work on heterosexual scenes are subjected to regular STI testing regulated by the industry itself. In the fall of 2012, Los Angeles voters passed a law requiring all porn shot in county limits to use barrier protection, and since the law went into effect, applications for permits to shoot pornographic films in LA's city limits have experienced a dramatic 95% drop. NPR reports that Los Vegas is courting the displaced porn shoots with fewer regulations and cheaper permit costs.

California Dreamin', indeed.