That Hot Guy on How To Get Away With Murder Comes Out As...Not Gay

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Jack Falahee, who plays the ruthless, gay, and ruthlessly gay Connor Walsh on How To Get Away With Murder, was inspired by the election of Donald Trump to announce to the world he is decidedly...not gay. (His words!) He did this in an extended two-part tweet (of course) that was at least a little self-congratulatory in its profession of solidarity. Although, to be fair, if there’s anyone who’s going to shriek, “Whoo hoo!” over a straight guy’s identity at this point, it’s probably going to be himself.


Here are the tweets:

And here’s the nutgraf (pause):

While I’m not gay, on HTGAWM I play a character who’s in an interracial relationship with an HIV positive man. However, in the past I’ve declined to discuss my own sexuality in an attempt to try and dismantle the closet. Opponents to my ambiguous answers to questions surrounding my sexuality argued the importance of visibility. Ultimately, I think that my stance has been unhelpful in the fight for equality. I feel that I’ve sacrificed my ability to support the community for a more theoretical discussion about sexuality. Now more than ever, I want to offer my support to the community as an ally.

That’s kind of a lot for not very much. Note that he never actually discusses his sexuality in any substantial way (despite claiming that being previously elusive about it, as he was rather emphatically in this Out profile from last year, for example, was “unhelpful”), he merely says that he isn’t gay. That could mean he’s a million other things, including gay but allergic to labels, though granted his pledged support “as an ally” would suggest total heterosexuality...if such a thing exists.

Whew, what a ride (but not that kind of ride) through Falahee’s woke inner life. Congrats, welcome to the team of people who are living their open truth about what they aren’t, my ally.

Some Pig. Terrific. Radiant. Humble.


Tabby Gevinson

Maybe I’m missing something, but I feel like this post is a weird attempt to take issue with Falahee’s statement despite the fact that there is nothing wrong with it.