Cheating Man Confronted By His Three Girlfriends

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There are few things I love more than the story of women uniting against some ain't shit man. So gather around, young readers, and let me weave the tale of the three ladies of Hertfordshire who loved one man with a lip ring.

17-year-old Becky Connery realized that her boyfriend, 20 year-old Charlie Fisher, was a cheating cheater when she discovered some suspect text messages in his phone. Luckily, Charlie flew off to Germany the next day leaving Becky to get to the bottom of this shit.

She contacted the young woman Charlie had been texting—19-year-old Lizzie Leeland-Cunningham—and together they found that there was a third woman in Charlie's life. I assume they then all got wasted on Pinot Grigio and talked shit about Charlie and synced their cycles.


When Charlie returned from his trip, he was greeted by his three lovely girlfriends at the airport. According to Becky, Charlie froze and the ladies proceeded to chant "liar, liar" at him because they are the most hilarious bad bitches in all of Hertfordshire.

Now, to Charlie's credit, juggling three women is kind of impressive. Most of the men I know are barely able to manage one relationship, let alone three. There are all those logistical issues—making sure you don't go to certain places or areas, double checking that the women don't share any friends, remember who wears what perfume.

"Charlie managed to have three girlfriends on the go at once by claiming that he was seeing invented friends and lying about having family commitments when he was seeing each of the women," the New York Post reports.

And of course, keeping all those lies in order! That's a lot of multitasking for a man.


Charlie is now single and Becky and Lizzie have become friends. I just love when women are able to see who the real enemy is: MEN MEN MEN MEN ALWAYS MEN.

And that, my friends, was the story of the three ladies of Hertfordshire who loved one man with a lip ring—or as some like to call it, the plot of The Other Woman/John Tucker Must Die.


H/t and images via New York Post

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Emma Golddigger

That guy must be suave as hell. Would you want to be boyfriends with his 14-year-old-Hot-Topic-looking ass? I know they are teenagers, but THREE of them? If you take away one thing from this comment, it should be that "be boyfriends with" is the hot new term to use in applicable situations.