That Dear Abby "My Brother Raped My Wife" Thing Actually Happened (And It Was Legal!?)

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Here's a familiar familial tale! Remember the one about the woman who's fast asleep in her room when suddenly a man she thinks is her husband comes in and they have sex only to at some later point realize that it was actually her husband's perverted brother? Yes, Dear Abby got a query about this a few weeks back, and she didn't believe the story, so we got all ragey about that, and then Dan Savage said he, too, disbelieved the story, and we unleashed some lite venom on him, but by that point our faith in our own instincts was somewhat shaken. So imagine how very gratified we are to report to you now that the media has confirmed it: masquerading as your brother to rape her girl is actually a new trend! It happened — basement apartment and all! — to Marissa Lee-Fuentes.

She's been trying to take her boyfriend's brother to court, and there is some ambiguity in the Massachusetts law that keeps this sort of thing from being an actual crime. Smart rape technique, eh? Anyway it happens a lot with drunk girls at frat parties too. So they're trying to, you know, criminalize it.


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Mama Penguino

@KittenFluff: A PM response should be waiting for you, but I can't help but share my rape counseling story with the gang. The counselor I saw (a woman) said that she understood how I felt because she once had a boy in college insist she give him a blow-job (she didn't). God, my heart just fell into my stomach with the realization I wasn't making her understand about rape. THEN, she suggested I contact the rapist (a high school classmate, 25 years later, who, BTW, is a state legislator, but diff state) because HE MIGHT WANT TO SAY HE'S SORRY.

FUCK me? FUCK ME! She was serious!