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Yes, the second Steve & Barry's bankruptcy filing is devastating to the thousands of people employed by the retail chain, but more important: What of Sarah Jessica Parker's "Bitten" line?! This high-profile low-end credit-crunch casualty is likely to land on its feet. Says SJP: “We have a lot of home offers." While she doesn't give specifics, it'll have to be something affordable, along S&B lines. "We have to make sure that any partner we enter into an agreement with wants the same thing for the brand as we do, which is to serve the customer first...Now, more than ever, people need all things that are about economy, so I want very much to continue it in the right way. So we just have to figure out what’s right for the customer, and how to do it in these economic times.” [New York Mag]


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How in the hell did Steve and Barry's go bankrupt in this economy? If there's ever a time people need a $9.99 t-shirt with their sports team on it, now is that time. Also, I think Bitten was super cute. I have button-up from that line, and it is officially my favorite button-up ever.