You know how Kathy Griffin and Anderson Cooper are, like, BFFs? Well, things weren't quite as friendly last night when she appeared on fellow CNN anchor Piers Morgan's show. Or maybe it was: while the pair bickered about silly things like ratings and Kathy's goal of getting Piers fired from his TV gig, Kathy was also coming onto the host throughout. (Spoiler alert: the sexual tension culminates with the comedienne hoisting herself onto the interview desk and literally kissing Piers.)

Kathy also treated us to a fantastic impression of Nancy Grace talking about Casey Anthony (or as she loves to call her, the "Tot Mom.") It prompted them to discuss Nancy's recent appearance on Piers Morgan Tonight in which she got very emotional — but Kathy remained unimpressed: "she cries every night on her show talking about her tweee-yuns."

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