That Awkward Moment When You Tell the Man You Love About the Man You Fucked to Death

So many loose ends were tied up on last night's season finale of Downton Abbey. For the first time, we saw upstairs and downstairs merge, not just because of the Servants' Ball, but because they pulled together in support of Anna during Bates' murder trial. There was a lot of happy news as the crew rang in 1920. Bates' death sentence is commuted. Daisy finally comes to terms with her relationship with William, and the change in attitude leads to her getting a raise. The Dowager Countess receives a nutcracker. Lady Sybil is pregnant and, at the request of her mother, will be returning to Downton with her revolutionary husband and fetus. And most importantly Matthew and Lady Mary are engaged at last! (They even have Lavinia's blessing from the grave, via Ouija board.) But first, Mary needed to tend to something: She had to tell her dad and Matthew that she fucked a Turkish diplomat to death. How cringe-y!


As much as I wanted to see Lady Mary and Matthew together, I couldn't help but feel bad for her fiancé Sir Richard Carlisle. Sure he was crass in his new-moneyed way but he really loved her and any displays of assholery on his part stemmed from his insecurities around Mary's feelings for her cousin Matthew. Carlisle went out of his way to buy up stories to protect Mary's honor and keep scandal away from Downton with regards to press coverage of Bates' murder trial and instead of thanks his efforts were met with snobbery, incest, and a punch in the face.

So where are things going to lead next season? We know that Shirley MacLaine joins the cast as Cora's mother, but what else is in store for the gang? Will Lady Edith ever find a maimed man that actually wants to be with her? Will Lady Sybil become a flapper? Will Mary and Matthew's love be as enticing now that it is no longer clandestine? Only time will tell.



Um, did anyone else catch the guard telling Anna and Bates "NO TOUCHING" ? Because the mr. and I missed the next 3 minutes of dialogue we were laughing so hard. I was half waiting for someone to break out an ice cream sandwich. Coincidence, or an Arrested Development fan on set?

Also, Mary, it's not your fault you hooked up with Mr. Pamuk. It was your duty as a woman to hit that, because....HIS FACE. He's like a Renaissance painter's version of Apollo.