Thanks, Germany, for Your Hard-Hitting Coverage of the Biggest Breasts in the World

Bild, the largest newspaper in Germany, released a map of the biggest breasts in the world yesterday. Spoiler alert: "Russian Women Have The Tightest Baskets." The map ranges from A-cup to "Greater than D-cup," because, apparently, after that your boobs are just too big for the globe to handle.

According to Germany-based BILDBlog, Bild may have, shall we say, "augmented" the statistics for Germany — the average cup size for German women is C, not D. The blog also points out that the map was made over a year ago by a website called "Target Map," so it's weird that Bild is promoting it now. But, as the writer muses: "On the other hand: What journalistic diligence exercise, if you have a map of the world tits?" Gotta love Google Translator.


You would think that the editors of a newspaper with a daily circulation of 3 million and enough power and influence that it basically forced the former President of Germany to resign in February after a huge corruption scandal would consider it beneath themselves to publish a dumb boob map. But apparently print is dying in Germany, too.

Germany's Best Selling Newspaper Just Published A Map Of The Biggest Breasts In The World [Business Insider]

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