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People in the porn industry are often assumed to be individuals with troubled lives who start doing porn and end up living even more troubled lives. By her own account, the early years of Akira's life sit in stark comparison to that narrative. Akira grew up in a middle class immigrant Japanese family in New York City and chose to go into sex work because she thought she'd like the job. She's perhaps best known for her years spent doing gonzo porn, repped by porn power agent Mark Speigler. Recently, however, Akira's career has evolved further: she signed a new exclusive contract with Wicked Pictures and has started directing. In January, she participated in a video called "Porn 101" with numerous other top porn stars produced by the Adult Performer Advocacy Committee intended to provide some real talk for people who are interested in getting into the industry. She's also married to fellow porn star Toni Ribas.

In the intro to Asa's new book Insatiable she writes:

I started this book hoping to shed a different light on the industry I love so much. Not to say every day is sunshine and flowers, but I don't feel a healthy honest voice of someone currently looking from the inside out has been heard.

While writing, the book morphed into something more. I've always questioned why I am the way I am. I had a normal upbringing. My parents are loving, kind, and present. I have no mental disorders. Why am I so sexual? Why do I insist on publicizing my most intimate moments?

I can't say that I've found an answer – but writing this book has oddly brought me to peace with myself. At the end of the day, I do feel my sexual cravings as a woman are normal and should be accepted as such by society. It's bullshit that a man who fucks a thousand women is considered a badass, while a woman doing the same thing is shunned.


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