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Thank You, Internet, For Ignoring Tinsley Mortimer

Illustration for article titled Thank You, Internet, For Ignoring Tinsley Mortimer

We only ever get far enough through serious magazine pieces anymore to make a Paris Hilton connection, and so it went last weekend with the Atlantic profile of Condi Rice, whereupon we saw the phrase "doctrine of inevitability" and remembered that what didn't work out so much with democracy and the Middle East has been effective enough at elevating everything in the chicklit/reality TV/YouTube/rich&shameless nexus to prominence that we against every droplet of our human will finally had to stop ignoring New York socialite Tinsley Mortimer. And so, we almost did not ignore the email we received four days ago from the viral marketers at Stir Ventures:

Have you seen this new Internet's the music video for a book that's out next week: The Manny...lots of socialites appear in the Tinsley Mortimer...

Advertisement we had not! And....neither had most other people who exist!

It had 86 hits.
We know because we found the IM where we told Anna: "It has 86 hits."
We became Number 87.
It was so fucking bad.
Starring Tins, and Karen Duffy (who had cancer and we love and yeah, sorry!) and sundry douches in a little ode to good-looking male nannies, the Manny video was a little testament to why we forgive people who surround themselves with rich people for thinking women aren't funny.
But we knew it would not take long for the video to go "viral" because, well, American stupidity = bigger than SARS. Especially when, just yesterday, the shoot for the video was the subject of an "anatomy of a marketing phenomenon" Sunday Styles story in the New York Times that was heinous even by the Sunday Styles standards that had been used on the story that was the genesis of the book in the first place:

The book has cover blurbs from successful chroniclers of high society like Plum Sykes, Candace Bushnell and Dominick Dunne.
F. Scott Fitzgerald was not available because he is dead.


At which point, of course, we grabbed hold of our puke bucket and braced ourselves for the swell in viewership that this really predictable marketing ploy would experience given the publicity coup of a 'Styles' story: of basically now, the video has been viewed 5,082 times. No, we're not giving you a link. Click on here if you'd like to contribute to the degredation of the culture that bad.

Manny And The Socialites: Let's Roll [New York Times]

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I detest the term "Tinsley Mortimer"...