Thai officals approve a "human zoo" with the famed long-necked women, many of whom are refugees from Myanmar. • Indian sex workers can now get life insurance, but their profession remains illegal. • Snickers, Doritos, and Peanut M&Ms are the most popular vending machine snacks. • A child who formed in her mother's liver turned 5 today! • A new prayer book for Reform Judaism makes God gender-neutral. • Teens aren't giving oral to "preserve" their virginity mostly because they are just having intercourse instead. • Plans for a Sound of Music hotel sparks fierce protest from Austrian fussbudgets. • Same sex couples are common in wild animals because, duh, sex is fun! • Adelaide "Sun-Lin" Young, a female explorer of China in the 1930s, died at 96. • Oh great! Recent female college grads make $2.92 less than their male counterparts. • Social and religious reasons are behind the lack of female directors in the boardrooms of Arab corporations. • However! There are more women in the boardroom in Kuwait and Oman than Italy and Japan. • Peeping Tom cases in public places are getting thrown out due to "unreasonable expectation of privacy" by the peeped. • Carme Chacon, Spain's first female defense minister, gave birth to a boy today. • 3 in 10 men experience domestic violence with an intimate partner, although it goes largely unreported.