Rachel writes:

Danger Crumples is an Abyssinian/Peruvian mix, he has a best friend named Ozymandias (the brown guinea pig with the white streak down his nose in the second picture) and had a mortal enemy named Belvedere up until June 17th (Bel is the black guinea pig lunging towards Danger Crumples in the third picture, he passed away of a combination of sucky things that kill guinea pigs). Danger and Ozy are both one year old and they enjoy taunting me and lusting after treats like parsley and cilantro. There are more photos of them (and my other pigs and former pigs) on, all of these photos have appeared on there previously, and it's fine with me if you don't mention the wordpress blog if you do use these photos for TGIF as long as their names are spelled correctly. I sound like an ass there. Sorry, but these are my adorable little ones and I'm protective, plus I took the pictures and nobody likes having their names misspelled...


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