DUNSTABLE, UNITED KINGDOM - Wednesday March 23, 2011.MY MUM GAVE ME THE SACK - ORPHANED BABY WALLABY HAND REARED IN BAG. An orphaned baby wallaby is being hand reared at a zoo - by a keeper who is carrying her around in a back pack. The tiny Wallaby named Pip was abandoned by her mother at birth and so is being looked after by Alex Pinnell. Alex, who works at Whipsnade Zoo in Dunstable, England, is giving Pip feeds with a bottle ever four hours. She is also using her rucksack as a makeshift pouch for the little marsupial, who is just seven months old. Alex, 29, keeps Pip with her during the day at all times, just as her real mum would do. Pip will be looked after by Alex for the next few months before moving onto the the zoo's children's farm. Alex said: ''She is adorable but exhausting. Luckily she is starting to sleep through the night now and is very good at taking her bottle.'' Words by Paul Andrews / Photograph: ZSL Whipsnade Zoo /