[Hawaii, October 17. Images via Splash.]

A teenage surfer is making waves with a new breed of clawesome beach bums by training his two pet rats to surf! Dedicated Boomer Hodel, 14, has trained his two white rats Fin and Tofu to surf on custom-built boards. The pair of rodents regularly take to the sea and surf waves up to 4ft and are even on a special diet to stay in shape. Boomer started their training by gently pushing the rats into tiny ripples at the water's edge before moving them on to more advanced waves. Both rats can swim and after some early tumbles, they can now perform tricks - often catching "tubes'' in front of stunned onlookers. Boomer, of Haleiwa, Hawaii, takes his rats surfing twice a week and draws big crowds of spectators at his local Laniakea Beach. — Splash News