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[Charlie The Coyote, Wyoming, December 8. Image via Daily Coyote]

Thirty-year-old Shreve Stockton lives in Wyoming and takes a picture of Charlie The Coyote every day, which she posts on The Daily Coyote. She writes:

Two years ago, I had plans to move from San Francisco back to New York City - plans that were derailed when I rode through Wyoming and fell in love with this place. I went on to New York, but a month later turned around, returned to Wyoming, and moved to the area where I had only spent one day.

Charlie is a wild-born coyote who was unexpectedly delivered to my doorstep this past April after both his parents were shot for killing sheep. Whatever reservations I had about raising a wild animal simply didn't matter - couldn't matter - when I realized his survival, at least in the short term, depended on me.

At the time I write this, Charlie is nearly six months old. I don't think of him as "my pet," even though he sleeps curled against me every night (every night except the nights around a full moon), and happily rides in my truck, and adores my cat. I don't wish to own him, just to live together in harmony. And that we do.


[Daily Coyote]

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@Namennayo: Sister, I have to say the Flying Llama definitely has the upper hand. He's bigger, and he has the air advantage. Though Mecha Otter would probably have some kind of robotic firing devices, and otters are, by and large, smarter than Llamas. They can also manipulate tools, which I think is a definite advantage. Your thoughts?