Texas Lingerie $$ Church People Love Them Some Clinton Family!

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  • Hillary won the Texas primary by four percentage points but she may actually wind up tied with Obama for the delegate count. Just trust me when I say I am outraged on her behalf. [Wonkette]
  • It's official: Rush Limbaugh won yesterday for Hillary. [Reason]
  • It's official: that leaked NAFTA document won yesterday for Hillary. Stephen Harper says so. Who's Stephen Harper? Ha ha ha, some interdependence that turned out to be. [Reuters]
  • It's official: there were a BUNCH of reasons Hillary won last night but yeah it was mostly SNL. [Progressive]
  • Personally I don't understand why no one is crediting Joel Osteen of the Church of Prosperity and Lingerie for winning it for Hillary because everyone loves money and lingerie. And also, Chelsea's highlights. I hate highlights but hers look hot. [Houston Chronicle]
  • Yeah yeah yeah running mate whatever we'll cross that bridge when we come to it which is to say holy shit NEVER. [Politico]
  • Oh my God. You know who resurfaced today, guys? Our pathologically embarrassing lame-duck president guy! To endorse John McCain. John McCain was sooooo honored I'm sure. [NY Times]
  • Just for that he got Gen. Petraeus to say Al Qaeda was coming back. Wait a sec! I thought Al Qaeda was in Iraq. It's called "Al Qaeda in Iraq"! Mindfuck. [World Tribune]
  • Being a woman sucks, yes it does, don't even try to deny it, something about Hillary. [Washington Post]
  • Blogsentiment of the day: "One would hope for something as simple as "he talks a good game, but it's all a huge lie!!!!!" but it's not all a huge lie." [Atlantic]



@battleaxonista: What you left out was that was the FOURTH of FIFTH time he asked her. After she had said NO, clearly, 3 or arguably 4 times.

Clinton didn't bring this up, the interviewer did. Imagine how differently you would feel about this story if the big quotes being repeated over and over were

Of course not. I mean, that's — you know, there is no basis for that. You know, I take him on the basis of what he says. And, you know, there isn't any reason to doubt that.


KROFT: You don't believe that he's a Muslim —

CLINTON: No. No. Why would I?

How clear is that? She said "no." Numerous times.

As SinR has pointed out, the other Muslim stuff has zero evidence of coming from the Clinton camp, and I am frankly bewildered at how many people seem willing to believe Drudge. DRUDGE. Drudge who is now laughing hysterically at how easy us Liberals are to manipulate.

Sorry, I am incredibly annoyed by the framing of this issue, and also by the weird insistence that Hillary somehow has some huge responsibility to defend Obama - something that doesn't somehow seem to be a mutual responsibility. She didn't call him a Muslim, she didn't imply he was, she said numerous times he wasn't. (And, yes, to the best of her knowledge. I mean, honestly, my husband is agnostic to the BEST of my knowledge. As I am not psychic.)

Is it a 100% perfect answer? Well, no, but to the best of MY knowledge, no one is going to answer perfectly 100% of the time. If we want to play a pick the quotes apart game, that's fine, but it amazes me that we can argue how, after she answered clearly several times, and the gotcha answer was achieved, everyone is now focusing on the tail end of the entire conversation, not the several times before.

Also, I just want to throw in, that is Obama gets the nod, he and his camp are going to seriously start learning how to defend themselves against this kind of stuff. Because it is going to get bad. And, trust me, the RW doesn't care how "nice" he is.

But, you know, this shit annoys me. I've spent years trying to convince some people Al Gore never claimed to have invented the internet, even showing them his actual quotes. This also reminds me of that stupid Kerry "dissing the troops as stupid" joke, when he was clearly dissing Bush for being a dumbass.

And that's the incredible power of framing.