To add to the growing list of awful stories to emerge about Robert Durst, the Texas judge who presided over his 2003 acquittal trial is claiming that Durst left a severed cat head on her doorstep. Susan Criss told Inside Edition that she found the cat head days after his acquittal.

Via the NY Post:

"This was a perfectly clean and preserved cat head cut up by someone who knew what they were doing laying right there," she said. When asked who she thought did it, Criss replied: "I strongly believe it was Robert Durst."

Criss alluded to remarks made by Durst's younger brother, Douglas, who last year told an interviewer that Robert had a "series" of seven Alaskan Malamute dogs, each named Igor, who "all died mysteriously, of different things, within six months of his owning them."

"I believe that Robert Durst is a serial killer," Criss added.

Image via Getty.