After several days of public pressure, Citizens Medical Center in Victoria, Texas has reversed its controversial hiring policy that required all job applicants refrain from doing undoctory things like being obese or not looking like how old people think a doctor should look. The hospital's not saying much about the reversal, but it's probably safe to say that it collapsed underneath the immense, unhealthy weight of its own flabby stupidity.

The hospital's policy, which was instituted about a year ago, required that employees have a BMI of under 35, be "free from distraction" and "fit with a representational image or specific mental projection of the job of a healthcare professional." The center's chief clarified that these "look like a stock photo of a doctor or else" guidelines weren't in place to protect the interest of the employees, but rather to live up to the expectations of the discerning eyes of their ailing elderly patients.

The change was announced by a hospital spokesperson yesterday, who refused to comment further on the matter.


This has probably been the most exciting two weeks in the hospital spokesperson's life.

So far, no word from the hospital's patients, who, in addition to being sick enough to require hospitalization, will now have to suffer the indignity of occasionally receiving expert medical care from fat people.


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