Texas Football Team's Rapey Tee Shirts: 'Ssh, Just Let It Happen'

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A Texas high school football team is very sorry if anybody misunderstood their hilarious team t-shirts, which read: "We take what we want — Shhhhhh just let it happen." The Warriors, the footballing youths of Martin High School in Arlington, say that the joke is definitely not an allusion to rape, and they're not sure how anyone could possibly draw that conclusion.

According to Dallas's NBC 5, the slogan, featured against the backdrop of a pirate flag, was created by high school seniors "as a motto for the season," and about 50 of the shirts were printed. "Taking what they want," you understand, is merely meant to be a reference to making turnovers on the field.

"They would have never wanted it to be taken any other way," Arlington Independent School District spokesperson Leslie Johnston told the TV station. "They are very upset that it has been and it's become a bigger issue. They would never want to condone any kind of behavior like that." Arlington ISD banned the shirt after the staff of Martin's school newspaper gently pointed out the incredibly obvious other connotation of the shirt:


From the looks of Twitter, the editorial staff at the paper is now taking serious heat from their fellow students for "bashing the warriors." One student tweeted a photo of the two senior editors with the word "traitors."


The author of the editorial, Sherilyn Morales, is now being forced to defend herself for writing the piece:


Hey, Sherilyn? You didn't do anything wrong. Seriously. You're like the only person in this situation who didn't do anything wrong.


Image via NBC 5/Dallas Morning News

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With the motto and the Indian logo, they'd have scored a trifecta of offensiveness if pirates were a some sort of protected class.