Texas Cheerleaders Charged With Hazing • Kitty Born With Two Faces

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• Seven cheerleaders from Morton Ranch High School in Katy, Texas have been formally charged with hazing for throwing junior varsity cheerleaders into a pool while bound and gagged earlier this year. • After an 8-month long investigation, the Humane Society of the United States is accusing Petland of selling dogs bred in puppy mills. • A Canadian junior high school has warned its students against participating in South Park's "Kick A Ginger Day". • A 10-year-old girl from Wisconsin faces misdemeanor disorderly conduct charges for penning a list of 25 classmates and teachers that she wants to kill. •• Think breakups are rough in your 20s and 30s? Try getting dumped in your 90s. •A Japanese comedian named Nozomu Sato is enjoying success by impersonating Barack Obama. • From The "No Shit" Studies File: A new study has discovered the employees who are sexually harassed at their workplaces report less job satisfaction and lower levels of job performance. • A recent study in the UK reveals that a young girl's family and social setting determine her level of self-confidence in herself and may speed up the girl's need to give up her childhood. • The Illinois House unanimously passed a proposal on Wednesday that would allow hearsay evidence to be used in first-degree murder trials. The proposal may result in Drew Peterson being prosecuted on homicide charges. • Officials in Hamlin, Germany—the town known for being the setting of the "Pied Piper" legend—are complaining about a trash heap that is attracting rats. • An 112-year-old man is the oldest living Boy Scout in England after he rejoined the Scouts following a 100 year absence. • A 15-year-old boy and member of the "untouchable" caste in India was murdered by an angry mob because he wrote a love letter to a girl of a higher caste. • Police in Texas are looking for a male cat-owner who threatened shelter workers with a bat when they told him he had to pay a fee to release his cat. • Sure, everyone loves Kermit and Miss Piggy, but what about the unsung Muppet heroes? • A recent study conducted by the MacArthur Foundation has found that kids wasting their time on the internet will actually help them develop technological skills to succeed in the future. • Meet the real-life Lara Crofts who were tapped by the game's producers to promote the "Tomb Raider" video game since 1996. • A recent study reveals that heterosexual anal sex rates have doubled for adults from 1995-2004. • A cat gave birth to a two-faced kitten in Western Australia. •The myth that violence amongst girls has risen in recent years is just that, a myth. •


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When I was a varsity cheerleader in high school, we also used to haze the junior varsity and freshman cheerleaders. It usually involved lining them up on the sidewalk and then spraying them with whipped cream and chocolate sauce (sort of like Dazed and Confused... in fact I think that movie is where we got the inspiration).

When I was a freshman cheerleader, we had to wear baby bonnets, bibs and pacifiers to the pep rallys while in uniform. We also got our bras and panties stolen while at cheer camp and then they were strung up across a room in which we were forced to stand up one at a time and do something embarassing, like sing our school's song.

Overall, it was pretty harmless and I remember when I was a senior the freshman were so excited to get sprayed with whipped cream it almost made it less fun.

Actually, when I rushed for a sorority my first year in college (worst decision ever) I got pushed in the pool as part of the initiation process. I was not happy. In high school, the pranks had been fun, that was just mean.

Throwing someone in the pool while bound and gagged is just idiotic. That is scary, not funny.