Texas Car Salesman Arrested for Taking Picture of Woman's Buttocks

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A used car salesman in Texas was arrested for taking a picture of a woman's buttocks without her consent.

Yes, I know, "Breaking: Used car salesman does something sleazy!" But this isn't just jacking up the price on the true coat or something like that. 22 -year-old Pedro Elimeleo Zuniga-Martinez, a car salesman in Brownsville, is accused of some pretty awful shit. From KGBT:

A woman there told police that she went there to buy a car but employee Zuniga-Martinez took pictures of her without her consent. The woman told police that she was looking inside a car when she heard a camera shutter and saw Zuniga-Martinez holding a cell phone.


When police arrived at the car lot, Zuniga-Martinez told them he took the picture but was not able to find it to show it to them. (So maybe he deleted it when he realized he was about to be busted for it?)

In addition to facing a charge of an improper visual photography, it looks like Zuniga-Martinez is also facing deportation charges.

Photo via Brownsville Police Department.

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" buttocks " such an odd, and yet, visually descriptive word .