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Texas Blonde Jerry Hall: Now With More Brunette

Illustration for article titled Texas Blonde Jerry Hall: Now With More Brunette

[London, November 14. Image via Bauer-Griffin]


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@coochiemama: Yeah, she's always had teeth like that.

I hate when interviewers (before she started picking up a slight British accent) would make reference to her "west Texas accent". Jerry Hall is from Mesquite, which is in north Texas, near Dallas. That isn't even close to the invisible west Texas border (technically, it's Abilene and keeps going west). I don't know why she sounded like Miss Hee Haw Cutie 1978, but she never sounded like she was from west Texas. The West Texas accent is (generally) dry and twangy, not all drawl-y with tarnished southern belle hints here and there, like hers. Most of the people I know who are North Texans really don't have a Texas accent, but maybe that's because of the Yankee influx of the '80s and Jerry Hall's old accent is a lost piece of auditory history.