Would you step into a machine that scans your entire body to find out exactly what size you wear in a particular store? Even better, does this mean never having to try on clothes in a store again?

It sounds almost too good to be true — that is, if you're okay with the idea of standing in a very public, giant machine that prints out the sizes it believes you fit into. So, Good Morning America put the machine to the test by sending three shoppers into the My Best Fit machine. After their scans, they were given an hour to find a pair of jeans that fit using only the list of sizes that the device calculated. All three women found that the sizes the machine recommended fit perfectly.

The CEO of Unique Solutions spoke with GMA, citing her own frustrations with trying on clothes as the inspiration for the machine. Looking to give the new technology a try? It's currently available in the King of Prussia Mall — but by the end of the year there will be 13 locations nationwide. Within two and a half years, they expect to have My Best Fit machines in over 400 malls in America. If one of these stations pops up in your local mall, will you try it?

A Full Body Scan Might Help You Find Pants That Actually Fit