Terry Richardson Is a Father Now

“Uncle” Terry no more, alleged sexual predator and still-very-successful photographer Terry Richardson announced on Instagram Tuesday that his assistant-turned-girlfriend Alexandra “Skinny” Bolotow has given birth to healthy twin boys.


The couple recently celebrated their pregnancy in January with a characteristically restrained baby shower, which featured the mom-to-be in a shirt that said “I Should Have Swallowed,” condoms that read “Skinny’s babies cumming soon,” a cameo from Martha Stewart, and the scariest cake I’ve ever seen.

Ironically for someone called “Skinny,” Bolotow, 33, has been more pregnant than I thought the human body was allowed to get, and I am extremely relieved for her that it is over:

Anyway, a hearty mazel to Terry Richardson for securing his bloodline, and to Rex and Roman, who have exciting lives ahead of them!

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Over 6 pounds each is amazing weight for twins, right? It looks like she’s going to burst (can an abdomen rupture?). It must have been such a challenge getting around.

Why yes, I’ve never had kids. How can you tell? ;)