New ads shot by Terry Richardson have managed to stir up some complaints despite the fact that for the most part, everyone involved in the shoot (including Richardson) remained clothed. The problem is that the campaign is meant to promote the gym Equinox, yet the images portray the women as thin and waify, not particularly strong or fit.

To fit with the slogan "It's not fitness. It's life," the eight new ads show models using skills they picked up in the gym, such as "focus," "determination," and "flexibility," in everyday life. Except, while most people probably notice the benefits of regular workouts while running to make it onto a train car or bending to pick up the action figure their kid left on the living room rug, apparently Equinox believes its members reside in mansions and spend their days fleeing from criminals on bicycle handlebars and making strange sex tapes that involve doing the crab.

As Fashionista reports, the people complaining about the ads are mainly concerned with the female models' weight. One woman wrote on Equinox's Facebook page:

Why did all of the models have a runway physique? Equinox is promoting health and fitness, so I would like to see some healthy and fit women on their ad campaigns who look like they could actually survive a typical Equinox class.. Can we maybe see a little bit if muscle on the ladies next time around? The Nike ads are great examples of strong, fit women!


It's interesting that the men in the ad are all extremely muscular while the women are just slender, but there's no indication that the female models are unhealthy. They're about average size for fashion models, and since looking at someone doesn't magically reveal their fitness level, we don't know if they actually are attending Equinox classes and running a few miles every day. The stranger aspect of the ad is that it doesn't show any of the benefits of joining Equinox. No one is doing anything very physical (with the exception of two arm wrestling models). Though the aim is to be more subtle than a Nike ad, you probably want something in a gym ad to say "fitness." Showing a woman reclining on a love seat with her skirt hiked up around their waist while bathed in the porny glow of a Terry Richardson shot doesn't exactly convey that message.

Why Gym Goers Aren't Happy With Terry Richardson's Ads for Equinox (It's Not What You're Thinking) [Fashionista]


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