The National Organization for Women has elected 56-year-old Terry O'Neill as its next president. O'Neill defeated 33-year-old Latifa Lyles, who was endorsed by current president, Kim Gandy, in what is being called a "close election."


"NOW is the organization that fights for the rights of all women no matter the circumstances of their birth, their race or sexual orientation, no matter if they live in poverty or are trying to escape violence," says O'Neill, "My experience with domestic violence, as an abused wife left me humiliated and embarrassed. I only began to talk about this publically five years ago as I realized that to keep quiet was to continue the abuse. I want to empower women and telling my story does just that. Women are fed up with persistent inequality and are ready for change. I am honored and eager to lead NOW in making that change."

NOW Elects Maryland Woman Its Next President [AP]
NOW Activists Elect New President Terry O'Neill To Succeed Kim Gandy [NOW]

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