Terrifying Doll Trains Dentists To Appear in Your Nightmares

in Japan are now training to charge you thousands of dollars to drill the shit out of your teeth using ultra scary lifelike dolls.

You may recognize the face clawingly creepy doll from the video; it's because the dental training doll, called Showa Hanko 2, is made of the same material as those lifelike sex dolls that lonely men with ponytails claim to be in relationships with. However, Showa Hanko 2 isn't a toy, or even something that any sane person would willingly choose to keep around. The doll exists to train dentists who aren't quite ready to work on human subjects.

Reports HuffPo,

According to the video, the robot was created by researchers at Showa University in Japan, and responds the same way human patients would during dental procedures - she flinches, squirms and yes, even has a gag reflex.

The robot even has voice recognition that allows students to practice the banal banter you usually have with your dentist. After the procedure is complete, the robot stores and analyzes how well the student performed and gives feedback that's available online.


The presence of the doll's gag reflex rules it out as a potential erotic aid. Sorry, perverts.

Robotic Sex Doll Will Teach Dentists in Training [HuffPo]

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When this page was loading, I had enough time to read the headline and stare at the as yet unloaded black rectangle before the still image from youtube popped up.

I actually started and said "ahhhh!".

That thing is so fucking creepy during the interview just laying there blinking and moving it's head. I've always been afraid of dolls and this one is seriously creepy.

Edit: And why does it have to be a girl robot? Those are always creepier because they remind me of Blade Runner.