Terrified-Sounding Paul Ryan Clarifies That He Knows What Rape Is

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You know your campaign's in trouble when you run on promises of not acting in accordance with your honest-to-goodness beliefs if elected. But that's what Paul Ryan did earlier today during an TV interview during which he tried to distance the Mitt Romney/Paul Ryan ticket from, uh, Paul Ryan.

Ryan's problem, it seems, is that while the rest of the GOP has spent the last 3 days feverishly distancing itself from Todd "Legitimate Rape" Akin, Ryan spent the last several legislative sessions bro-ing down hard with the Missouri Republican. The pair co-sponsored a total of 8 abortion-restricting bills while serving together in the House. And the pair also teamed up on an effort to redefine what sort of rape victim should be eligible for government assistance in the event that she can't pay for an abortion. Their consensus? Only women who were the victims of "forcible" rape. Which is what Akin said he meant. Which is horrifically offensive.

The Wisconsin Congressman attempted to placate the nerves of a country that's now painfully aware of just how out-of-the-mainstream Ryan's views on sex, reproduction, and the role the government should play in people's choices of or relating to those two arenas by telling KDKA that while he's pro-life — like, Holding Up Dead Baby Sign Pro Life — if Mitt Romney were to be elected President, Mitt Romney would make sure that Paul Ryan didn't get his way.

Ryan: "Well, look, I'm proud of my pro-life record. And I stand by my pro-life record in Congress. It's something I'm proud of. But Mitt Romney is the top of the ticket and Mitt Romney will be president and he will set the policy of the Romney administration."



He went on to clarify that he was aware that rape is bad, echoing President Obama's words by saying "Rape is rape and there's no splitting hairs over rape."


During the interview, Ryan said a grand total of 73 different words. Twelve of those words were "rape." Yep, we're definitely talking about the economy now.



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Dear Republicans - I'm exhausted.

Not to echo the "Rape Fatigue" article that was posted here earlier, but I am so tired about talking about this. Not "this" as in this particular atrocious debate that is waging and that someone like Akin is still ahead in the polls and the fact that most GOPs are telling him to step down because it's an election year, but this, this onslaught of attacks on women's rights and social policy in general.

I always tended to lean more conservative. Not too much government intrusion, smaller government, state rights, etc. I'm from NJ and being pro-choice and pro-gay marriage did not mean I had to be a Democrat. I was constantly frustrated that these discussions were taking place over things that I thought to be more important, like the economy. These were mouth-pieces that people could get up in arms about every 4 years and then forget about it when the election cycle was over.

Well congratulations, GOP. You've lost me. This constant attack and utter lack of respect for women is no longer lip-service that I am willing to overlook. I used to be delusional and think it was just a fringe, some Bible-belters, but no. Clearly you have no respect for me and I, in turn, am leaving you. This decision isn't a new one, but reaffirmed by this spectacle. When did the right become the religious right? When did sanity and discipline make way for hyperbolic ineptitude? You've made me an issue-voter.

Silly me, every four years, I hope that there is an ideological debate between the left and the right. I hope that our nation's leaders would go out there and discuss the finer points of their political beliefs - instead I'm sitting here listening to a theology lesson. Both parties have disappointed me in this mud-slinging spectacle of an election season. Whatever, when will I learn that the circus is permanently in town?