Terrified Father Delivers Baby… Right Into Toilet Bowl

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Sharing a fun story is a great way to break the ice in social situations, but it's unlikely that Livia Davis will be sharing the story of her birth with friends any time soon. First, because she can't yet talk; and second because she was delivered right into a toilet.


I know this sounds like an episode of I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant, but Lillie Davis certainly knew she was ready to deliver a happy and healthy baby girl. It's just that the hospital she checked into in West Haven, Connecticut didn't agree with her. So they sent Davis home and told her to wait. Baby Livia, however, had other ideas. She was coming out and she wanted the world to know (she was going to let it show).

When Davis started feeling labor pains in the bathroom later that day, her husband David knew he had to act. He called 911 but by then it was too late. Lillie was already pushing and baby Livia was on her way out. It's just lucky that the Davises were in a place where a soft landing was possible.

From NBC:

"And thank God we were near the toilet because she slid...the baby slipped through my hands and actually went into the water...crying like that," he [Davis] said. "So, when I heard those sounds, I knew that was like the best sounds I ever heard in my life."

The baby is doing well and is a healthy seven pounds, six ounces. Her parents are probably printing out copies of every post about her and sticking them into a scrapbook to embarrass her at a later date, however, so let's check in with her when she's 13. I just hope the kids at school aren't smart enough to give her any good nicknames.

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