Terrible Pageant Moms Use Daughters in Stupid Feud

What's worse than pumping your young daughter full of uppers, teaching her that self-worth is tied to what other people think of her and turning her into a total fucking monster? How about forcing her to trash talk the other little monsters in her peer group? That's exactly what Susanna, mother of Toddlers & Tiaras contestant and pageant "It Girl" Isabella Barrett, did when she convinced her 5 year-old daughter to call out 3 year-old pageant contestant Paisley Dickey and say, "[At least] my mother doesn't dress me up as a hooker." Isabella's comments, captured on camera and fed to TMZ, have sparked a feud between the two girls' moms, which we hope will end with them tumbling into a volcano and leaving their daughters to be kids in peace.

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I don't watch this shit fest so, I have to ask, Where are the fathers? Are there any fathers that participate in this mess?