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Terrible News: Outlander Will Be On Hiatus Until April. APRIL.

Illustration for article titled Terrible News: emOutlander/em Will Be On Hiatus Until April. APRIL.

This Sunday is the mid-season finale of Outlander or, as I like to call it, the Jamie Fraser's Muscles Variety Hour. And if you just heard distant wailing and sobbing, sorry, that was me opening an email from Starz announcing it won't be back until goddamn April.


APRIL! How are we even expected to make it through the winter without the warmth of Jamie and Claire's passion?! So cruel, Starz. At any rate, here's the preview for Sunday's episode. I hope to God they'll send us off with some nudity, at least:

Oh, by the way, that hotly anticipated consummation episode? Here's how well it did:


Photo via Starz.

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Dodai Stewart