Terrible Animal Rights Activist Tries to Hire Hit Man to Kill Someone Wearing Fur

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Animal rights activists have been known to do some pretty crazy stuff, but this stunt might take the cake. Meredith Marie Lowell, a 27-year-old from Ohio, was arrested yesterday by the FBI after she tried to hire a hit man on Facebook. And who exactly was her target? Oh, you know, just any ol' person who happened to be wearing a fur.


If the idea of killing a human, which is a type of animal after all, to make a point about saving other animals seems ludicrous to you, you are not alone. But Lowell has a history of being a little too passionate about her devotion to our furry friends. She once likened freeing lab animals to liberating Holocaust survivors, for instance. This scheme was definitely above and beyond anything she'd tried before.

Fortunately, after her post on Facebook, the FBI caught on to her, and an agent posed as a potential killer-for-hire. In a series of emails he exchanged with Lowell—who posted under the name "Anne Lowery"—she became more and more explicit about what she wanted. She said the killing should take place across from a playground near her house, and she wanted to be there when it happened to hand out "papers" about the fur industry. Jeeze, that wouldn't look suspicious at all.

As for the intended victim, she asked that it be someone "older than 12 — preferably older than 14 years old," and she also dictated that they should die in less than two minutes, and it "should not be anyone I currently know and definitely should not be anyone my family knows." Seems wise, well, except for potentially killing a child (or an adult, for that matter). Also, how many 14-year-olds even wear furs? But I digress.

She initially offered $850 on Facebook for the job, which seems low by hit man standards. But then when the agent got into it with her, she first said she didn't have money but would give him some gold jewelry, and then later she offered him $100. Yeah, that seems like a totally fair amount for executing some random person and almost surely spending the rest of your life in jail for it.

Anyway, it's pretty clear that Lowell is unstable and didn't have a super clear grasp of the magnitude of what she was plotting. She even, "expressed disbelief in one exchange that she could be arrested for soliciting a murder over the Internet." Well, obviously you can, and fortunately, that's exactly what's now happening to her. Federal agents arrested Lowell at home, and she's being charged with solicitation to commit murder.

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This is off topic a little but has anyone else here read Eating Animals by Jonathan Safran Foer? I think this is the third time I'm bringing this book up here but it has had a huge impact on me. I don't respond to ultimatums or being told i'm wrong very well but he presents things from all angles and without judgement.