Terrence Howard: Women And Toilet Paper "A Very Serious Subject"

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Remember how actor Terrence Howard told Elle magazine's Andrew Goldman that he breaks up with any girl who uses only regular toilet paper and not baby wipes after going to the bathroom? Well, today we stopped by a press call for Howard's new movie, the war comedy The Hunting Party, and took the opportunity to ask the actor about it. Mr. Howard's answer... after the jump.



Terrence, I was wondering if you could comment further on your remarks in Elle regarding baby wipes and your feelings about them.



I stated my position pretty clearly. More people need to use them. This is a very serious subject. What more is there to say?


How many women have you tried to convert?

Howard's Publicist:

Ok, and that's it. No more questions. Time to end.

(Howard scowls, exits)


Update: Looks like baby-wipes weren't one of Terrence's smarter suggestions. That, or he has a plumber on retainer!


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I think Terrence is on to something, Baby Wipes for Adults. You could call them, Selectables, his face could be on the box. Yes, Selectables—for when toilet paper, normal washing and grooming just aren't enough.