Terminal Illness Now Just An Excuse For More Manicures!

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Have cancer? Wear lipstick — you'll feel better! A new movement emerging from London's psychological community called, cloyingly, "Look Good...Feel Better" is encouraging those facing illness and depression to improve their conditions with an increased focus on beauty rituals. Because, after all, if that cocktail of radiation and chemo and biopsy scars has you feeling too crappy to take advantage of how totally gaunt you are, you might as well let the terrorists win! Reports one psychiatrist:

if a woman who regularly colours her hair comes to see me with depression, I can sometimes tell by the degree of regrowth how long she has been depressed ... it's rather like counting the rings of a tree.


We'd make a joke but we just took a gander at our roots and he's so right! They're so overgrown they MIGHT AS WELL BE LEUKEMIA.

Put On A Brave Face [Times of London]

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