Ten-Year-Old Girl Destroys JROTC Competitors in Push Up Contest

A ten-year-old girl is everyone's favorite new feminist warrior superhero today.


During the "Stand at Attention" fundraiser in Wilmington, North Carolina on Sept. 6, cadets from local high schools challenged people at the Independence Mall to push-ups, planks, sit ups and more, according to WECT. Out of the crowd of participants came Kaylyn Mintz, 10, who challenged one of the cadets to a push up contest. To say she won the contest is putting it mildly. She DESTROYED it.

This is where you will be jumping up and down and screaming "GIRL POWER!" like you just marathoned a couple of seasons of Powerpuff Girls while drinking vodka Red Bulls all night.


She received high praise from one especially enthusiastic fan, Kim Munley. Munley is the woman who stopped the 2009 Fort Hood shooting. Munley posted about Kaylyn on her Facebook page:

Everyone, meet Kaylyn. She is a SUPER fit 10 yr old who challenged an ROTC Cadet at the Stand At Attention Wilmington, NC Chapter Fundraiser this past weekend held for Active Heroes. I recorded her and her unbelievable ability to do this pushup challenge and show some boys how capable a girl can be....OMG!!!! This little girl is my new little hero!!!

So what's her secret? According to WECT Kaylyn is a competitive gymnast who wants to try out for the Junior Olympics. She might also drink the blood of dragons. I have not been able to confirm this yet.

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