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Who among us hasn't experienced the trepidation of your first time? You agonize about where you should go and what you'll say once you get there. Then, when you finally go through with it, you're so nervous that you're shaking and you do something goofy like get confused about which part goes in which hole. No, we're not talking losing your virginity—we're talking about the first time you shop for sex toys!


And what about your first foray into sensual shopping? Did you have a funny or ridiculous experience as you attempted to casually peruse the shelves of some erotic emporium? We want to hear your tales of blush-worthy blunders, dropped dildos, strange salespeople, gift shopping gone wrong, battery-powered bloopers, and general X-rated excellence. Share your stories in the comments, or more anonymously via email. We'll collect the ten most pleasurable moments and award them with oohs and aahs and lots of penis-shaped confetti.

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