I love how Hollywood is using the All-Star game to just call everything "All-Star." Take the "Disney and ABC TCA All-Star Party" at the Beverly Hilton in LA on Saturday I mean, I guess there were some stars there - Natasha Henstridge (left), Teri Hatcher, Vanessa Williams, Nicollette Sheridan, Kate Walsh - but "all-star"? A stretch. Ditto the clothes; perfectly adequate B-list fashion, kids, but no fireworks. Judge for yourselves, after this all-star jump.

The Good:

Hey, remember when Felicity Huffman was nominated for TransAmerica and then at the Oscars everyone was like, "she's every inch the woman tonight!" and, "showing she's a woman!" and "hard to believe she played a transsexual!" ? Yeah, that was annoying.

Kate Walsh: I am sorry to have put you in "Bad" on Thursday, but you left me no choice. I know that's blaming the victim. This is somewhat better, she said severely.


Aw, Swoosie Kurtz just looks like a big ol' bowl of ice cream. You can judge whether that's desirable.


Vanessa Williams = awesome.

Hatcher: Also ice cream-like. I don't love the dress, but I do think Teri looks lovely.


A little Mad Men, a lot nifty, Dana Delany.

The Bad:


I wore something quite like Kimberly McCullough's ensemble two summers ago. But even then I knew it didn't look great.

Sarah Chalke's dress looks like it's backwards. It just does.


I mean, I know elegance isn't exactly Nicollette Sheridan's priority. She seems to be a serious method actor unwilling to depart from the aging-bombshell-cougar thing for even a second.

I know Kristin Chenoweth's all cute and spunky and everything, but her dress looks like a Sweet Charity costume.


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