Tegan and Sara Get Housey, Go Bad

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Y: Matthew Dear featuring Tegan and Sara, “Bad Ones” - The basic rhythmic track here has a churn-and-stomp reminiscent of that of Lady Gaga’s “Do What U Want”—and there’s the added bonus of not having to listen to R. Kelly. That on top of precious keyboard ambiance, Dear’s eccentric sonic curlicues, and a jubilant chorus make this a pure delight. - Rich Juzwiak

Welp, it’s not a no: Danielle Bregoli is BHAD BHABIE, “These Heaux” - I know it’s wrong, but the heart wants what it wants, and I cannot believe how listenable the Cash Me Outside Girl’s first single is. It’s mean-spirited trash, yes, but on the endearing side of the heap thanks to the the earworm triplet before the hook and her squeaky 14-year-old voice that’s entirely reminiscent of Roxanne Shanté’s on her debut “Roxanne’s Revenge” (recorded when she was 14). Instead of stewing in her putrid cult of personality as a result of saying something on a talk show once, Bregoli is at last doing something with her notoriety. It ain’t much, but cheers for progress. - RJ

Y: Classixx, “Possessive” - Perhaps where you are the weather will be warm and sunny on this unofficial last weekend of summer. In New York, it will not be so nice, so I will listen to this shimmering, poolside house that samples Nick Jonas and pretend that it is. - RJ

Kind of, sometimes, maybe: Jessie Ware, “Selfish Love” - I am not nuts about the song, though I will say it is perfect for clinging tight to the last gasps of summer. However, the video is beautiful and I just realized that it’s maybe meant to be the prequel to whatever shit goes down in Jessie Ware’s “Midnight” and I like it all the much more. Jessie, babe, you got me good. - Megan Reynolds

ABSOLUTELY: Jorja Smith & Preditah’s “On My Mind” compiles everything you originally loved about UK garage and delivers it with a bow; there’s no need to update the template too heavy because it still sounds thoroughly modern, and Smith’s raw, slightly raspy voice is ideal on this kind of beat, a perfect vessel for the lightly melancholy, fully in-control emotion she’s slinging on this joint. I’m crazy about this jam, the video’s great, the styling’s on point, the vibe is massive. -Julianne Escobedo Shepherd



I’ve been on the Tegan and Sara train too long to abandon them now...and I like this. I probably shouldn’t.