Teens: Virginity Is Really Overrated

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A new study says that teens who abstain from sex report positive benefits... at first. According to Science Daily, Scientists at UC San Francisco monitored 600 high school students from the fall of ninth grade to the spring of tenth grade. Among teens who remained sexually inexperienced during the study, the percentage reporting only positive experiences from refraining from sex fell from 46 percent to 24 percent. In other words: The longer you stay a virgin, the more being a virgin sucks? Breakthrough! But wait: Some of the kids became "sexually experienced" during the study. At the beginning of the ninth grade, 40% of them said not having sex resulted only in positive experiences. By the end of tenth grade, only 6% said that. So the benefits of not having sex decline with age. Then again, the students who'd been around the block, so to speak, actually valued refraining from sex:

"By the spring of the tenth grade, the [sexually experienced] teens were twice as likely to report a positive outcome from not having sex, when compared with adolescents who became sexually experienced during the course of the study." So yeah, the non-virgins are all, dude, don't do it. Sigh.


Tell it to Cheryl Tunney, an 18-year-old girl from Essex, UK. She says she lost her virginity at 16 and has slept with 50 men in the last two years, mostly from internet dating sites. She admits "that does seem quite a lot" and can "only remember about 40 of their names" but thanks to a BBC show in which she had a session with a sexologist, Cheryl has decided not to sleep around any more. "I now want to concentrate on my life and my future and try to make a career in hairdressing," she says.

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what i'm gathering from the commentors, my own person experience, and the experiences of my friends, is that it doesn't really matter* at what age you first have sex, so long as it's your choice and you're fully informed of— and comprehend— the consequences. i mean, we're all about women being able to control their own bodies, right? personally, i think we need a bombass sex ed curriculum for kids of all ages so that when it comes time for them to decide, they can make the decision that's right for THEM.

* obviously, i'm excepting those who are clearly too young to really comprehend their decisions. i don't care how *mature* she thinks she is, a 12 year old is too fucking young.