Teens Robbed Woman Because She Was Pregnant

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Three Cincinnati teenagers tried to rob a woman Wednesday, choosing her as their victim because she was pregnant and therefore "vulnerable." One shot her in the hip, landing her in the hospital.


According to Cincinnati.com, the teens — one sixteen, the other two just fourteen years old — "had been watching for vulnerable people to rob." When they held up Shyna Wilfong at gunpoint, she refused to give them her wallet, and pulled aside her coat to show she was pregnant. They shot her anyway, and fled without getting the wallet.

It's hard to tell what's the most disturbing thing about the case. That fourteen-year-olds were deliberately targeting pregnant women? That they shot one for essentially no reason. Or how about Cincinnati Lt. Mike John's description of one of the suspects:

[T]his particular 14-year-old, this is not out of the ordinary for him. He is such a hardened individual at such a young age. He has been in there numerous times. If one of these offenses comes out, we immediately wonder where he is....That's why we were able to apprehend him so quickly. We knew exactly where to go find him.

There's some good news, at least: Wilfong is recovering, and policy say her pregnancy won't be affected.

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What. the. fuck.

Seriously, are human beings gradually just becoming more devoid of compassion and empathy and consideration or am I just reading too many sad news stories?