Teenagers Are Exchanging Secret Sexy Messages on Instagram

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Parents, start your freak out engines: teens are now posting random photos on Instagram so they can talk to their friends underneath, in the comments section, without their parents noticing.


"Esoteric acronyms are sooo 2011," said Stephanie, a 14-year-old girl that I just made up. "My parents check my Facebook and text messages. But they don't understand what a Valencia filter is! LOLZ!"

When will adults realize that there is absolutely nothing they can do to stop teenagers from chatting with each other without parental supervision? By the time they catch on to Instagram, those wily kids will be obsessed with some other medium that hasn't even been created yet.

I recently found a note in my childhood bedroom that I remember my friend passing me during an 8th grade science class; she told me, in the made-up language we called "doubletalk," that she had given a boy a "hitigand jitigob." In conclusion: give it up, and let your kids use Instagram. Unless they're obnoxious and rich.

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Man, my 8th grade friends and I created an entire code for notes too: every person in our grade had a code name like "Leonardo Di Caprio" for the hottest guy, "Pauly Shore" for the guy no one liked, etc (there were only ~40 kids in my entire grade, so this was possible). We had code phrases too, like "went to Dairy Queen" for making out. The problem was the code was SO EXTENSIVE that you basically had to have the four page key to decipher (or write) a note, and by the time you figured out what the note said class was over and your friend could just tell you what she meant.

Never underestimate the powers of teenagers to waste their own time.