It's official: we need a new law that requires all parents to film their children after they have dental procedures done and post them to YouTube. Otherwise we might miss seeing people like Chaddy, who has just had his wisdom teeth pulled. He takes a little while to really ramp up, but boy does he deliver. At one point he says, "You're the mom; so you know what's best." Though he quickly undercuts that during a rather touching phone call with his dad in which he says, "You're really smart, and I trust you more than I trust mom." He then follows that up with a kind offer to buy his parents a new house once he earns a million dollars from "being funny." (Too bad YouTube hits don't translate directly into dollars or he'd be well on his way.) Be sure to stay tuned all the way to the end when he gives his dad a little TMI about why he hasn't kissed Sammy, who has come to visit him because "I think she's in love with me." If these drugs reveal who you really are inside, then it looks like Sammy has fallen for a Grade A guy.


[Via VVV]

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