Teenage Tourette's Sufferers Say What's On Their Minds

Above is a clip from a British documentary Teenage Tourette's Camp, which aired a few years ago on ITV. While it's hard not to laugh when someone utters curse words at random, we understand that these kids have a disorder. Still, we're a little bit jealous, because it seems like they're able to get away with saying whatever the hell is on their minds. (They reiterate that they don't mean what they say, but we sort of think that at least a part of them does.) Take Jessica, who yells the "N-word" at black people, or screams "bomb" in airports. Then there's Jen, a heavy-set girl who is used to being mocked for her tics in her hometown, but expected to be treated better by kids with the same disorder. Clip above.

Tourette Syndrome Information Page [National Institutes of Health]


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