Teenage Rape Victim Turns To YouTube For Help

The clip at left is a report about an upsetting YouTube video created by a 16-year-old girl named Crystal, who says, "I need some help. I didn't want to do it this way, but it's the only way I know that's going to work, that someone out there in the world is gonna listen to me." Crystal explains that a 23-year-old man has raped and drugged her and the Florida State attorney won't prosecute him. Writes CNN's Ashley Fantz: "For an online generation, the Web offers what traditional counseling does not. It's a chance to communicate without having to face someone or fear their judgment. Some people are seeking legal advice and medical information, and many younger victims believe they can warn others about their accused attacker, counselors say." And according to Scott Berkowitz, the founder and president of RAINN, the Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network, more and more young victims are talking about their experiences online.

"We noticed that this trend of posting details of an attack really picked up speed a few years ago," Berkowitz says. "A rape survivor's intention may be to reach out, and we encourage that, but this is a dangerous way to do it."


As for Crystal? Authorities charged the man of assaulting her with lewd or lascivious battery, but, according to court documents, Crystal and the man both said they had an ongoing sexual relationship. The prosecutor concluded that the Crystal and the man had had consensual sex. Even though Florida law states that a 15-year-old cannot give consent to sex. Since Crystal was "a mere 1 month away" from turning 16, the case was not prosecuted. Since when is 15 the same as 16? Since when does having having a relationship with someone mean they can't rape you? And since when did we start living in a world where people watch Crystal's video and then comment on YouTube thusly:

Alright, so you're either an idiot, or you're making this up. Contrary to what you think, rape is rape regardless of age. So either shut the fuck up and get a lawyer or...


fake bitch is fake

And this gem:

It's all conspiracy they won't prosecute and everyone wants to kill you because you're poor. Nice job fooling CNN into posting your story though.

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It's sort of insane that when they want to prosecute the age thing will be a central issue but here its "close enough". It sounds like this was just laziness on the part of the courts.

L&O would never let this happen